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The Investor Protector

By David P. Meyer Esq.
“David shares stories that readers will find hard to believe of how unscrupulous advisors swindled and cheated money from trusting investors. His stories read like a white-collar crime novel but will equip consumers to protect themselves and their wealth.”
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The Investor Protector

Book Description

Forty years of work and a lifetime of savings. Many of us strive for these goals when we retire. No one can steal the years, but the money? The savings you earned to spend time with loved ones and live comfortably on your terms? Your savings could be gone instantly with one innocent error: trusting the wrong person to invest your money.

Over the last 20 years, David Meyer has witnessed firsthand the devastating impact when financial advisors exploit the trust and confidence that investors placed with them. Wall Street spends many millions to cultivated investors’ perceptions that the firms are there to look out for their customers.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

When financial advisors lie, cheat or steal, it is not just the client’ s money that is lost, it is the client’ s dignity and pride that is taken from them.

It wasn’ t until David Meyer took on his first investment fraud case at 29 years of age that he truly understood the decimation caused by devious financial advisors. After winning a record-breaking jury verdict, David has been battling fraudulent financial advisors for more than two decades. Now, in The Investor Protector, he shares the stories of good people enduring unthinkable loss. These are stories of hard-earned success, unbelievable deceit, and avenging triumph. You’ll learn not only how David has helped his clients regain their savings and peace of mind, but what you can do to protect yourself — and those you love.

This book is a resource for retirees and soon-to-be retirees so that they can be armed with information that can reduce the chance they will become a victim of investment fraud, Every story David tells in this book about a case he personally handled serves a lesson that can be learned by every individual investor who is saving for retirement and is considering hiring a financial advisor. These stories are shocking and every one of these cases actually happened.

This book is resource for individual investors who suffered major losses of their life savings as the result of the misconduct of their financial advisors.

From The Book

“How to Recognize if You’re the Victim of Financial Fraud (And What to do About It).”

“Keep These Things in Mind When Choosing a Financial Advisor.”

“Why You Shouldn’t Hesitate to Seek Litigation if You’re Targeted by a Crooked Financial Advisor.”

“8 Things You Need to Know to Protect Yourself From Financial Fraud.”

“4 Things You Need To Know To Protect Yourself From Investment Fraud.”

“The Difference Between Financial Advisors and Investment Advisors (And What it Means For You).”

If You Do These 4 Things, You’ll (Probably) Never Need to Hire an Investment Fraud Lawyer.”

Think You’re the Victim of Investment Fraud? Here’s What You Should Do.”

“Protect Yourself From Fraudulent Financial Advisors With These Simple Tips.”

“Most Financial Advisors Don’t Lie, Cheat, or Steal - But Some Do.”

“If Your a Senior, Learn to Spot (And Avoid) Financial Exploitation.”

“When an Unscrupulous Advisor Stole a 100-Year-Old Widow’s Life Savings, We Knew We Had to Fight to Get it Back.”


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