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The team at Meyer Wilson diligently investigates potential claims against financial advisors and investment advisers for allegations of misconduct by the investing public and securities regulators. Many disclosures that are reflected on the public databases of FINRA and the SEC include allegations of unsuitable investment recommendations, unauthorized trading, misrepresentations, and more. These public disclosures are important to help investors make informed decisions about the financial professionals they choose to trust with their savings.

If you have any questions about your investment losses, give us a call. Our case consultations are free, and we can help determine whether your investment losses were the result of normal market forces or misconduct by Wall Street.

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Gina Adly

Employers: MML Investor Services, LLC & NYLIFE Securities LLC
Allegations: Adly failed to comply with an arbitration award or settlement agreement or to satisfactorily respond to a FINRA request to provide information concerning the status of compliance.

Patrick Carberry

Employers: AXA Advisors, LLC & NYLife Securities LLC
Allegations: Carberry failed to comply with an arbitration award or settlement agreement or to satisfactorily respond to a FINRA request to provide information concerning the status of compliance.

Roy Cederfranco

Employers: Morgan Stanley & Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
Allegations: Cederfranco failed to comply with an arbitration award or settlement agreement or to satisfactorily respond to a FINRA request to provide information concerning the status of compliance.

Michael Gopie

Employers: AXA Advisors, LLC & Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc
Allegations: Gopie was discharged after inconsistencies were found on insurance applications.

Gaetano Magarelli

Employers: Newbridge Securities Corp & Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
Allegations: Magarelli failed to comply with an arbitration award or settlement agreement or to satisfactorily respond to a FINRA request to provide information concerning the status of compliance.

Nathaniel Eklund

Employers: J.P. Morgan Securities LLC & Geneos Wealth Management, Inc.
Allegations: Euan was found to have Misappropriated funds.

Rodney Repko

Employers: Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation & Valic Financial Advisors, Inc.
Allegations: A client alleged the RR processed withdrawals from his variable annuity without his consent and harming the guarantees provided by the annuity.
Outcome: BARRED

George Stills, Jr.

Employers: Securian Financial Services, Inc. & AXA Advisors, LLC
Allegations: Misrepresentation and unsuitable recommendation involving use of IRA annuity proceeds to fund a life insurance policy.
Outcome: BARRED

Lorenzo Atkins

Employers: The Huntington Investment Company & Fifth Third Securities, Inc.
Allegations: Registered Representative (RR) failed to disclose three outside business activities, two of which were investment-related. In addition, Firm had concerns that RR engaged in cryptocurrency activity in contravention of Firm policy.

Amanda Berry

Employers: MML Investors Services, LLC & NYLife Securities LLC
Allegations: Undisclosed outside business activities involving the comingling of customer funds in an account controlled by the registered representative.

James Carpenter II

Employers: Simplified Wealth Management & LPL Financial LLC
Allegations: Carpenter failed to respond to FINRA request for information.

Jinnie Chean

Employers: Allstate Financial Services, LLC
Allegations: Termination by parent property and casualty insurance company after allegations of using a personal email address to electronically sign documents for customer on a life insurance policy.

Paul Furusho

Employers: AWA Capital, Inc & Comprehensive Asset Management & Servicing, Inc.
Allegations: Rep arranged a private loan between two individuals, the lender was a client of the firm.

Courtney Mahdak

Employers: Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Allegations: Allegations concerning Ms. Mahdak's transfers of funds with a former co-worker.

Ronald Reilly

Employers: Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC
Allegations: A client of representative Reilly complained that the portfolio strategy employed by her financial advisor did not meet her investment objectives. Reilly has been the subject of several similar complaints, some of which have been settled by Wells Fargo.

Robert Eisenberg

Employers: Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation
Allegations: Customers of Eisenberg allege their representative recommended an unsuitable investment in an oil & gas program, causing them to lose a significant amount of their investment.
Outcome: PENDING

Anthony Seifert

Employers: Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated
Allegations: The client alleges unauthorized trading and unsuitable investment recommendations from March 2021 through February 2022. With no further information available, Merrill Lynch settled this issues with $366,000 and reported the complaint after the settlement.
Outcome: SETTLED

Andrew Pincus

Employers: LPL Financial LLC
Allegations: Allegations Representative Pincus is accused of misrepresenting unsuitable Real Estate Securities for his client, creating untold losses.
Outcome: PENDING

Andrew Brookman

Employers: Aegis Capital Corp LPL
Allegations: Representative Brookeman's most recent allegations concern an investment strategy in certain equities that may have been inappropriate for him to recommended, given his client's investment objectives and risk tolerance. That complaint, stemming from his time with LPL, is still pending, but he has been the subject of previous, similar complaints that were settled by his prior employers.

John Whalen

Employers: Commonwealth Financial Network
Allegations: Client alleges that representative Whalen recommended several unsuitable alternative investments, including corporate debt and Real Estate Securities that created losses of over one million dollars. A previous complaint for unsuitability was made against the broker.
Outcome: PENDING

James Davis

Employers: Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC
Allegations: Representative Davis is the subject of two recent complaints involving Variable Universal Life Insurance policies. The clients alleged that the broker did not include all the necessary information in their recommendation. Northwestern Mutual Investment Services has settled claims with each customer.
Outcome: SETTLED

Peter Dorn

Employers: Cape Securities Inc., Berthel Fisher
Allegations: In a Statement of Claim filed with FINRA, a customer has alleged that representative Dorn made fraudulent misrepresentations and omissions in recommending unsuitable securities. The claims are in connection with speculative investments, including an automotive dealership, a viatical life insurance policy and other real estate assets beginning in 2017. The broker has previously been the subject of similar allegations.

Hans Eveillard

Employers: Alight Financial Solutions, LLC, Northwest Mutual
Allegations: In a recently filed FINRA Arbitration, a client has alleged that while with his former employer, Northwest Mutual, Hans Eveillard made misrepresentations about a promissory note they were recommending. The client alleges the unregistered promissory note caused them significant losses.
Outcome: PENDING

Michael McFeeley

Employers: Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation
Allegations: In a claim filed with FINRA, a customer alleged the Lincoln Financial Advisors broker, Michael McFelley, recommended an unsuitable Oil & Gas investment resulting in losses.
Outcome: PENDING

Joseph Candela

Employers: Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Allegations: The client alleges the representative recommended an investment strategy that was not in the client's best interest, resulting in a loss of $300,000.
Outcome: PENDING

Douglas Dulac

Employers: United Planners Financial Services of America A Limited Partner
Allegations: In a recently filed FINRA Arbitration Claim, it was alleged that representative Dulac invested his client into an Alternative Investment that led to a significant loss.
Outcome: PENDING

Daniel Barnard

Employers: Cabin Securities, Inc., Berthel Fisher & Co.
Allegations: Recent complaints against Daniel Barnard allege that prior to his termination from Berthel Fisher & Co., he recomended illiquid, unsuitable alternative investments, including Oil and Gas investments, Real Estae and Direct Investments. B&F has already settled one of these claims. The broker has been the subject of previous allegations of misrepresentation and unsuitablitiy and has been terminated on two occasions for borrowing money and impersonating a client on the telephone.

Brian Clark

Employers: Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc.
Allegations: Recently, a customer of Cadaret Grant & Co., alleged that their representative, Brian Clark was responsible for over $800,000 in losses due to excessive trading of inappropriate investments during Clark's time with Cadaret and Petersen Investments. Over the years, Clark has been the subject of a total of 8 customer complaints for excessive trading, negligence, unsuitable investments and unauthorized trading. Some claims have been settled, while FINRA has also awarded compensation to other complainants. Representative Clark was also terminated from his previous employer, Merrill Lynch.

Christopher Watkins

Employers: Silver Oak Securities, Incorporated, LPL Financial
Allegations: Advisor Christopher Watkins, who was terminated by his former employer, LPL, and is now employed with Silver Oak Securities, has been the subject of several complaints alleging he recommended unsuitable investments to his customers, including Alternative Investments. At least one of these complaints has been settled by the broker's former employer.

Cindy Chiellini

Employers: Centaurus Financial, Inc.
Allegations: Cindy Lucille Porto Chillini, who also goes by Cindy Porto is a registered representative of Centaurus Finanical LLC. She is the subject of nearly 40 complaints of stockbroker misconduct. Allegations range from unauthorized trading in her customers account to recomending unsuitable, illiquid investments, including structured notes, corporated debt and real estate securities, which created significant losses in her clients' investment portfolios. The brokerage frim has settled many of these claims offering monetary compensation to many of Chillini's clients.

Rodney Scott

Employers: Cetera Investment Services LLC
Allegations: Rodney Scott, a representative of Cetera Investment Services has been accused by a customer of misrepresenting an alternative investment sold to them in the form of a Unit Investment Trust. The broker has a history of financial issues.

Russell Bedore

Employers: J.P. Morgan Securities LLC
Allegations: A recent complaint agaisnt J.P. Morgan Securtieis broker, Russell Bedore alleges that the broker sold their client unsuitable investments which created significant losses. The broker has previously been the subject of a similar allegation.
Outcome: DENIED

Jason Covington

Employers: Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Allegations: Charles Schwab & Co. broker Jason Covington was recently accused of providing investment advice that was inconsistent with his customers objectives, leading to tax cosequecents. The customer's claim was settled by the brokerage firm. In the past, the broker has been the subject of another complaint involving mismanagement of an account that resulted in Schwab paying a significant settlement to the client.
Outcome: SETTLED

Greg Bentley

Employers: Cape Securities Inc., Merrill Lynch
Allegations: While with his former employer, Merrill Lynch, it was alleged that representative Greg Bentley requested and received a loan from a female customer. According to FINRA Rule 3240, No person associated with a member in any registered capacity may borrow money from or lend money to any customer of such person unless certain, strict rules are met and the firm approves.

James Devary

Employers: A.G.P. / Alliance Global Partners, National Securities Corporation
Allegations: In two recently filed complaints against representative James Devary, it was alleged that the Private Placements the sold to his customers were unsuitable and created a significant loss. Both complaints were settled by National Securities Corporation. The broker was previously accused on unauthorized trading in his client's accounts.
Outcome: SETTLED

Richard Willis

Employers: Woodmen Financial Services, Inc.
Allegations: A client of Richard Willis recently complained of an unsuitable annuity exchange recommended by the broker. As a result of the complaint, the broker was terminated by the brokerage firm. This marks the third time Willis has been discharged from the firm following allegations.
Outcome: Termination

Joseph Candela

Employers: Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Allegations: The client alleges the representative recommended an investment strategy that was not in the client's best interest, resulting in a loss of $300,000.
Outcome: PENDING

Jason Cook

Employers: Berthel, Fisher & Company Financial Services, Inc.
Allegations: In a complaint that has evolved into Arbitration, a customer of Berthel Fisher & Co. has alleged that Jason Cook overconcentrated their portfolio into unsuitable, illiquid Private Placements, including Direct Investment DDP's and Real Estate Securities causing Cook's client to lose a significant amount of their investment. A similar customer allegation was recently withdrawn.
Outcome: PENDING

Timothy Albert

Employers: PNC Investments
Allegations: In two, separate, recently settled complaints, customers of PNC Investments representative Timothy Albert have alleged that he sold them alternative investments that were inconsistent with their objectives and risk tolerance.
Outcome: SETTLED

Vladislav Romanov

Employers: LPL Financial LLC, Wells Fargo
Allegations: In a recent complaint against Vladislav Romanov, a customer alleges that losses created in their Wells Fargo account, due to foreign investments, exceeded their tolerance. Romanov's previous firm settled a similar claim involving foreign investments.

Edward Jones

Employers: Jeffrey Atkinson
Allegations: A client of Jeffrey Atkinson has recently accused hi on failing to follow instructions to safeguard his account, resulting in a significant loss. The Edward Jones broker has been the subject of multiple allegations of misconduct int he past, some of which were settled by the broker's previous employer. The broker was also previously suspended by the NASD/FINRA.

Paul Witthauer

Employers: G.A. Repple & Company
Allegations: G.A. Repple representative Paul Witthauer is accused of recommending illiquid Private Placements, included GWG L Bonds.
Outcome: PENDING

Patricia McGinley

Employers: Morgan Stanley
Allegations: A client has recently alleged that representative McGinley overconcentrated their account in closed-end funds that created significant losses in their portfolio. Patricia McGinley was the subject of previously filed Arbitrations against their employer, that resulted in awards for the customers that filed them.

Alexander Deseelhorst

Employers: LPL Financial LLC, Merrill Lynch
Allegations: Alexander Deseelhorst was permitted to voluntarily resign from their previous firm, Merrill Lynch, following conduct that involved the altering of client documents.
Outcome: PENDING
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