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California Unsuitability Claims Against Financial Advisors

About Unsuitability Claims

A financial advisor’s job is to counsel you through investments, stocks, and trading while keeping your best interests in mind. A financial advisor must offer tailored advice to each client according to his or her unique needs and situation. Pushing a client to make an unsuitable investment is a form of advisor misconduct.

If a financial advisor recommended an inappropriate investment for your financial situation and you suffered economic injury as an outcome, contact a lawyer from Meyer Wilson right away. We may be able to hold the brokerage firm responsible for recovering your losses with a California unsuitability claim.

Why Choose Our Lawyers for California Unsuitability Claims?

  • We have more than 20 years of experience handling investor claims, class-action lawsuits and mass tort actions throughout the nation.
  • We commit to being transparent and communicative with all our clients. Our firm has a policy to respond to all calls and messages within 12 hours.
  • We have the resources to go up against major financial corporations. Powerful legal teams do not intimidate us.
  • We can handle your claim from start to finish with no money down. We accept California unsuitability claims on a contingency fee basis.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Unless you have a legal background in investment fraud, you need an attorney to help you go up against a financial advisor in an unsuitability claim. Financial advisors typically work for larger firms with extensive resources to put toward disputing liability for fraud. You can even the playing field by hiring an attorney. A lawyer from Meyer Wilson can help you build a strong, solid claim against an advisor or entity to prove unsuitability. A lawyer can also fight for fair financial compensation for the losses the advisor negligently or intentionally caused you.

What Is Investment Unsuitability?

It is part of a financial advisor’s duty to supervise your investments and make recommendations based on your specific needs. New York Stock Exchange Rule 405, the Know Your Customer Rule, states that a financial advisor’s main duty is to make suitable recommendations according to each client. Investment unsuitability can refer to many different breaches of this duty.

  • Giving advice without evaluating the needs of the investor
  • Ignoring the investor’s current financial state or future needs
  • Using outdated or incorrect information for recommendations
  • Making a recommendation without acknowledging the client’s risk tolerance
  • Failing to properly evaluate an investment opportunity
  • Intentionally recommending unsuitable investments to profit

When investing, it is in your best interest to make decisions according to your individual financial status, needs, and goals. Different investments are suitable for different people and portfolios. Investing outside of what is appropriate for your situation could bring with it more risks than the investment is worth. If an advisor did not take proper care to understand your needs and recommend a proportionate investment, you could be eligible for financial compensation for related losses with a California unsuitability claim.

Does an Advisor Owe You Money?

If a financial advisor or stockbroker knowingly or negligently recommended an unsuitable investment, and you took the advice only to suffer great economic loss, you may have grounds to file a claim to recover damages. These claims often involve Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration, a common way to resolve securities disputes. An attorney from Meyer Wilson can help you bring an unsuitability claim and navigate the subsequent legal process in pursuit of financial compensation for your past and future losses.

Consult With a California Investment Unsuitability Attorney Today

At Meyer Wilson, we have award-winning lawyers with years of experience handling unsuitability claims in California and throughout the country. Our attorneys may be able to help you prove a case against a financial advisor or broker. You could receive compensation for your economic losses, pain and suffering, and punitive damages with help from an investment fraud lawyer. Request to speak to an attorney today. Schedule a free consultation online or at (614) 532-4576.

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